The Andersons! are somewhat of a power pop supergroup that came to prominence in the late '90s/early '00s, featuring Derrick Anderson (longtime bassist for The Bangles who has also toured with Dave Davies of The Kinks, Susanna Hoffs, The Smithereens and others) and Bob Anderson (aka Robbie Rist of Brady Bunch/Sharknado/Wonderboy/Martin Luther Lennon etc. notoriety). The Andersons’ sound is anchored by the melodic and characteristically fluid bass lines of Derrick Anderson, who also sings lead on about 80 percent of the songs. His throaty yet warm vocals are as distinctive as they are inviting, but the tunes are driven by the high-octane guitars of Bob and Bill Anderson (yes, they all have the same last name, just like the Ramones). Bob and Bill (aka Wil O'Brien) also share lead vocal chores and with three accomplished vocalists in the mix, ringing harmonies abound. Their signature sound comes jam-packed with enough catchy pop hooks and memorable lyrics to have you singing along after one listening!