Here’s what journalists have been saying about THE ANDERSONS! 

The songs grow fangs and claws onstage, but never at the expense of the melodies, and you are virtually guaranteed to leave an Andersons gig humming--and grinning--to yourself.” -LA Weekly

“The Andersons have all the necessary ingredients for commercial success [with] insanely catchy pop/rock songs. -Entertainment Today

“It’s okay to be happy, POMO kids--and there’s no better soundtrack to daily bliss than this L.A. foursome’s upbeat tunes.”  -Hits

“Witty songs and jangly guitars…the band’s identity remains resolutely its own.  Highly recommended.”  -BAM 

“Great, nerdy, self-deprecating but fun-loving L.A. power-pop.”  -Buzz 

“Smart and catchy pop tuneage that refreshes your musical senses.”  -Album Network 

“Melodically bright’n’shiny and lyrically humorous & entertaining in one fell swoop.  In short, fun,fun,fun.”  -Goldmine   

“[Separated At Birth] is a charming, fresh, sincere and very well executed collection of thirteen tracks.”  -Bucketfull of Brains (London) 

“Solid three-part vocal harmonies, jangly guitars, resounding choruses, and hook-filled and often humorous songwriting about girls, traffic jams, girls, TV and girls.”  -Comsumable Online 

“If you haven’t seen The Andersons yet, you’ve been missing out on some great music.  Nothing but fantastic songs here, poured out by the perfectly smooth voice of leader Derrick Anderson.”  -Fruitbasket Upset 

“Songs that are so infectious and lively that they’ll coax a dance out of even the most sedentary among you.”  -Amplifier 

“The group lays down a set of big-beat guitar-pop tunes slightly retro in feel, built upon propulsive rhythms, consistently strong melodicism, rich harmonies and wry, somewhat cynical lyricism…There’s more to this band than just bouncy melodies and good vibrations.”  -The Glass Eye